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State Draft House is a gastropub and full-service restaurant that serves the best of Texas.  Everything at SDH is scratch-made and locally sourced.   This is a unique Bar and Grill featuring Texas craft beer, wine and spirits.  Try us for yourself today!


Andrew Hendrikson, a Flower Mound local for 35 years, was tired of all the same-old chain restaurants available in his home town and decided to do something about it. Partnering with Grapevine resident, Wilfine de la Cruz, the two set out to bring a bit of urban to the suburban. “I wanted a restaurant and draft house that I want to go to” says Andrew. “I hated having to drive 20-30 minutes to Deep Ellum, Greenville, Bishop Arts or even Uptown to find a great place to hang out with an amazing beer selection. Worse, I hated driving home.” State Draft House & Craft Kitchen has 82 taps featuring nothing but Texas craft beer, cider, draft wine and distilled spirits. They also offer a broad assortment of American classics with a “Texas Twist”. From STATE Smoked Brisket Poutine with fresh jalapenos, hickory smoked bacon, fried cheese curds, cheddar cheese and smoked gravy to our Panhandle Pork Ribs smoked in-house with a Mosaic IPA beer cheese and pickled red cabbage salad, State Draft House & Craft Kitchen has something for everyone. Come in and try the State Burger or the STATE-Made Signature Craft Burger with crispy pork belly and you won’t want to eat another burger in town. They are so tender and seasoned to perfection, you can’t go wrong.

​Executive Chef Thomas Schuttler has deep roots in our great state of Texas, while born in South Dakota, he has the soul of a true Texan. He has had stops at Cacharel Restaurant, Neighborhood Services, and Bridlewood Golf Club. His study of Culinary Arts at Tarrant County College and tutelage under excellent chefs such as Hans Bergmann and Jeff Bekavac have given him the tools to excel at doing what he has always loved, cooking from the heart. Chef Schuttler’s vast experience of nearly 20 years in various types of cuisines make to create a dynamite menu full of flavor with beautiful presentation that's truly STATE Worthy. His inventive menu, beer pairings, integrations, and passion creates great memories through excellent food & great times with our guests. “I love making happy food and not just visually, but making flavors truly exciting for everyone.” We all, as a team, believe we have created an amazing menu for the citizens of Flower Mound and beyond. We invite you to join us and have awesome Texas cuisine that is worthy of our Flower Mound address and meets the needs of its residents.”

​“It hasn’t been easy” says Andrew. “Flower Mound is definitely a tough community to penetrate and we have very high standards. As a resident I understand that. As a business owner it introduces it’s own challenges that aren’t easy to solve. For instance, with 82 rotating taps, it is near impossible to print an accurate beer list that is good for more than about an hour. This is precisely why most draft houses do not print beer menus. They, like us, rely on digital signage that can be quickly updated and guide patrons to mobile apps or websites to find the up-to-date list on their mobile devices. This has had mixed reviews as you can imagine. Some people love it, and if you are familiar with the craft beer scene you understand how it works. However, if you come in expecting the same typical restaurant experience, you might be disappointed. To help alleviate this issue, we are putting our staff through the Cicerone’s Certified Beer Server program to build their knowledge of all the different beer styles the world has to offer so that they can better sell the beer we have on tap.” The Cicerone program is similar to the Sommelier program for wine. “With this training, our customers do not need to know the menu. Our vision has always been to provide an educational experience and introduce people to beers they may never have thought to try. We want patrons to ask for recommendations. Typically, our servers can ask three questions to build a flavor profile and make rather accurate recommendations based on what you normally like to drink. It’s not the standard restaurant experience. I think it’s taking time for people to get used to the mostly foreign concept of a draft house. The good thing is that the community as a whole loves the concept and are very supportive. We are very happy to bring a unique experience to Flower Mound and hope to always keep things interesting with the ever-changing world of craft beer.”

​This is Andrew and Wilfine’s first restaurant venture and it has been a dream of theirs to bring the growing craft beer scene to Flower Mound. Help support local businesses and provide you positive feedback online and if you have a negative experience, talk to a manager or reach out to Andrew or Wilfine directly. They want to make sure you have an amazing experience and earn your business.